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Not too hot, not too cold, I relish the moment whenever I get out of futon in the morning these days.

I know it will not last long, and the cold winter is waiting not too far away from me.

Don't be too pessimistic !   

A very short but beautiful red and yellow leaves season is around the corner !!  

There is a small lake sorrounded by lots of sakura and maple trees near my home.   This lake, which has been lonesome since sakura season ended in spring, is soon going to be transformed into a fascinating spot!

It is also the season of kaki/persimmon, shinmai/newly harvested young rice and satoimo/Japanese taro. 



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There's one more thing which is one of my most favorites.

That is edamame/green soy beans.

Edamame 201Jul26 best.JPG

Usually edamame is the vegetable of the summer, but the one from local variety seeds start growing later than the normal ones.

So I can still enjoy this local edamame. 

How lucky I am to live in this town !

The recipe  I am sharing with you today is of soy beans.

But not of fresh ones, but of dried ones.

The soy beans are essential in Japanese diet.

I wrote about it in my past blog, so visit here if you want to konw about it.

Today's recipe is "natto/ fermented soy beans".

Nattoh is easily available at any supermarkets in Japan.

There are so many varieties from different makers, and I am sure you were at a loss to decide which one to try if you have been to the natto section of the supermakets.

Natto is the fermented soy beans and is very healthy Japanese superfood.

It is full of good bacteria and is easy to digest. 

The study shows it has many health benefits such as enhancing digestive system and cardiovascular system, and promoting the bone health.

I love natto since my childhood and eat it almost everyday.

But I know it is not loved by anyone as it has so unique looks, texture, strong smell and taste.

Some people say its taste is similar to the rotton cheese.

So I'm sure if you like the rotton cheese, you would love natto.

I think it is either "love" or "hate".

If you love it, you are lucky, cause it is highly nutritious.

But don't worry, if you belong to the latter one, it is probably something that is not beneficial for you.

Each person was born with different charactor, different taste, different face and different constitution.   

Nothing can be good for every one even though there are many studies that seem to have been proven this is good for this and that, and that is not good for this and that.

I think what your palate tells you is not wrong.

When one finds the taste is awful, I think it is not beneficial for that person.

If the taste is acceptable, may be it is worthy to try it.

(But don't go to the junk food even if your palate enjoys its taste.  This story is limited to the natural wholesome food.)

O.K.  Now I go to the recipe of natto making, natural method natto making.

I am not using powder natto bacteria nor fresh natto as a starter.

The very natural natto is made from soy beans and rice straw.

Daizu (2)_00001_01.jpg

Wara (2)_00001.jpg

It is easy to make as long as you can get rice straw and have an eqipment that can make 40℃ environment such as oven, yogurt maker or even a styrofoam box.

If you are curious, go to the next page and see how I make natto from scrach.

But if you are not into it, and just want to try purchasing it from the shop and eat, see how I eat natto first.  

I'm sure you would be tempted to eat it when you see the photos below.

Nattoh Curry (4)_00001_01.jpg
Japanese style curry rice with vegetables and natto. 

Nattoh Curry (10)_00001_01.jpg
The combination of curry and natto is perfect !

Nattoh Age Yaki (3)_00001.jpg
Stuffued in fried tofu pouch, and then grilled till golden brown. 
Enjoy crispness and stickyness of soy beans at a time !   
Dip in soy sauce with hot mustard. 

Natto Akashiso best2_00001_01.jpg
Simply eat with grated radish, pickled red shiso leaves,
spring onion and plum vinegar

Nattoh Okara_00001_01.jpg
Another simple natto.  topped with okara/soy pulp,
chopped leek and young ginger marinated in plum vinegar.

Nattoh Oyaki (4)_00001_01.jpg
Dipped in rice flour and water mixture, and then pan fried.

Nattoh don_00001.jpg
Rice topped with tofu, natto and nori sea vegetable.
Sprinkle the toasted and grinded sesame,
and soy sauce before eating.
I want to name this "Protein don".  
Don't forget to add a vegetable side dish.

My daily breakfast.  I prefer "hikiwari natto" to normal one.
In its making proess, soy beans are roasted,
and then cracked before soaking in the water. 
Cracked beans are coated with more natto bacteria,
so they are more easily digested.
I like both texture and taste.
Nattoh Akashiso Daikon_00001_01.jpg
Mix natto and toppings well.

Pour over rice.

Wrap with nori sea vegetable using chopsticks,
and pop into your mouth.
You can't really chew well as the mixture is slimy,
but don't worry, natto has poweful enzyme to break down
the protein and carbo in your gut.

You feel like eating natto now ? or  feel like making it by yourself ?
Go to the next page for the recipe.


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