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日本語のレシピは ビーガン情報サイト Hachidory から ご覧いただけます。

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Here's a quiz.

My body is light brown.

I am tiny and round.

But I can expand my size  three times bigger in the water.

My shape changes to oblone when I am expanded.

Japanese people like me to  transform into many dishes.

I think thier lives could not have been sustained without me in thier long history.

My origin is China, and I was planted and eaten mainly in China and Japan for thousnd years.

But now we are planted in many countries.

People want  more and more of us, so they are cutting countless trees of Amazon to make the space for us.  

Are we honered to be given the opportunity to be prosperous ?

May be yes,  because we have such vital enegry, whoever digest me in one's body, one can be energetic and vital too.

I feel good when I do something good for the others.

But honestly to say, I am not happy.
Because I came to know that we are taking away the food and the places from the native animals, destroying the nature and harming the habitats.
But it is not our own will.
We are forced to multiply by humans.
Do you know why people want more of us ?
Cause people want to feed the many animals.
They want more and more animals to grow and become fat, so that more and more people can eat more and more meat.
What is good about creating and rasing  so many animals ?
The nature is destroyed.
People get fat and sick by eating animals.
Countless animals are tortured and suffering.
I'm sure nobody is willing to kill the living creatures.
It makes us very sad.
I can not find anything good about raising, killing and eating animals.
I don't understand.
I don't want to play a role to torture and kill the animals, make people sick and destroy the planet.

Oh, right,  I was giving you clues to let you guess who I am, and strayed to the story because I had an urge to tell you the truth.

I guess many of you can guess who I am now.

If you are still not sure,  I'd give you a last clue.

I am a main ingredient of miso, tofu and soy sauce.

Komemiso2015 (3).JPG

Momen Kinu Aburaage 750 x.jpg

Shoyu plate.jpg

You got it ?


Yes, I am a soy bean.

Daizu (1).JPG

Now I pass my pen to my mum who likes me so much.

She would  share her nice recipe using me.


It is my pleasure to be transformed into many dishes to nourish people and earth.



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