Vegan Onion Dressing 新玉ドレッシング [Recipes, All Seasons 1年通]

日本語のレシピは ビーガン情報サイト"Hachidory" で ご覧いただけます。 

Kiji from hokusetsu ikimono.jpg

I wake up with the sound of pheasant every morning in this season.

I want to mimic its sound to tell you how he makes sound, but it is not easy.

We have an onomatopoeia to describe it in Japanese traditional picture books for kids.

That is "Kha~ng, Kha~ng"

But in reality, the pheasants are not making sound like that at all.

The pheasant is not the only bird I see here every day.

There are many kinds of adorable birds visiting me. 

I always feel how I am blessed to be sorrownded by the songs of variety kinds of birds.

Each of their sounds is unique and beautiful.

They echo in the air, and melt my heart.  

How lucky I am to be able to listen to these beautiful strings every day without paying a single penny nor taking trouble to travel somewhere.

A song which was popular when I was younger has just come across to my mind.

♪? "I'd rather be a spallow than a sanil, yes, I would, if I could, I surely would"

I guess what in mind of PaulSimon and Garfunkel, and me are very similar,

though I think the snail is also happy as he can still move around in his own pace.

I am sure that countless living animals on this earth would sing

♪? "I'd rather be a bird than me, yes I would, if I could, I surely would."

I want to share this peacful moment with them.,,,

Now I feel guilty to talk about the yummy food that I am enjoying these days....

But I carry on introducing them to you as I believe sharing my recipes plays a role to help them

though it would be a teeny weeny step.

Onions harvested in spring is a delicacy in Japan.

Shintama (1)_00001.jpg

They are juicy, soft and sweet.

We can enjoy this texture and taste only now, so I cook those fresh onions every day.


Onions growing in the vegetable patch

Yes, there are countless ways to cook and eat fresh onions.

Shintama Mushini (5)_00001.jpg
I just steamed it.  No broth was added, this juice is all from the onion

Shintama Mushini (8)_00001.jpg
The flesh is so soft and tender.

Shintama Grilled (2)_00001.jpg
I sauted on the skillet and sprinkled vegan parmesan cheese.

Atsuage Tamanegi best.JPG
simmered with fried tofu and carrot, and seasoned with soy sauce

Tamanegi Soramame Tempura (1).JPG
Panfried with broad beans

I am going to introduce you a very easy (may be too easy), yummy and useful recipe today.

Here you go,

Fresh Onion Dressing Sauce

60g fresh onion
30g apple
20g vinegar of you choice
10g plum vinegar 
1tsp salt
50g oil of your choice

Blend them in the blender. ( That's all.  Too simple ?)
Shintama Dressing.jpg

If the blender is not available, grate the onion and apple, and the nmix with other ingredients.
If plum vinegar is not available, replace with vinegar.
You can make orange color dressing sauce if you replace half the amount of onion with carrot.

Happy Cooking !

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