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Vegan Corn Recipe とうもろこしの天ぷら [野菜穀物レシピ 夏]


Edamame Hana 2014Aug11 (2).JPG

The summer has come !!

What is your most favorite summer vegetable ?

Tomatoes ?

Cucumbers ?

or Eggplants ?

I love all the vegetables above.

But for me the summer cannot be the summer without

Corns Nana Tokigawa 2017Jul24 (2).JPG

Edamame 2014Aug11 (3).JPG

corns and green soy beans !!

(The picture on top is the flower of green soy beans in my garden last year,  

  the corn is from my friends field which is still bit too early to harvest,

  the green soy beans at the bottom are from my garden last summer.)

I think I would never get tired of them even if I had to eat them in each meal during summer.

The corn starts earlier than green soy beans, and it is the peak of its harvest now.

No other way is better than steaming and biting into the corn straight away.

Tomorokoshi (7).JPG

What do you do with the husks and silk of the corns ?

What about the cob ?

Do you discard them ?

If you do, it's such a waste.

Those can produce sweet, tasty and nutritous soup.

You can make it just by throwing those into the pot together with water, and simmer for some time.

Tomorokoshigohan process (9) 750 x 562.jpg

This soup stock enhances the taste of vegetable soup and miso soup.

(Use only last few sheets of inner husk and discard the outer layers.)

Today I am going to introduce you " Corn Rice" which is sooo delilcious.

Tomorokoshi Gohan Nabe (2) 750x521.jpg

I made this rice into many onigiri, rice balls and brought  to the meeting of Animal Rights Center which is held monthly.  

All my buddies love them and asked for the recipe.

Tomorokoshi Onigiri (9).JPG

Therefore I contributed the recipe to the vegan information site, Hachidory.

If you can read Japanese, go to that site and see my recipes as well as other pages full of information of veganism in Japan including shops,restaurants and hotels.

It is a very simple recipe.

So just try before the season of the fresh sweet corns ends. 

Sweet Corn Rice

Tomorokoshi Gohan (9).JPG


1 sweet corn

3 cups (540ml) poilished rice

4.5~5 cups water

2 tsp salt


1. Remove husks and silk from the corn. 

    Slice off the kernels from the cob.

Tomorokoshigohan process (4) 750x562.jpg

    Place husks, silk, cob and 4 and half cups of water in the pot. 

    Bring to a boil, and reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.  

    Drain and measure the amount. 

    If it shorts to 700ml, add water to compensate.  

2. Wash rice, and soak in water for one hour.

3. Drain and transfer into a pot, add corn kernels and soup stock and salt.

Tomorokoshi Gohan Process (3) 750x.jpg

4. Cook for 10 minutes over low heat.  Increase to medium heat and cook for 10 minutes.  Reduce heat to low  and cook another 15 minutes.   Let it sit for 15minutes before opening the cover.  

5. Mix rice in a slicing motion, and serve in a rice bowl or make into onigiri balls.

Corn Shiso Onigiri (17) 750x521.jpg

I wrapped onigiri with shiso leaves .


*If you want to cook with brown rice, soak in water for eight hours.

*You may need to adjust the water amount and the cooking time depending on the pot you use.


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