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Bamboo shoot salad 竹の子とワカメのサラダ [野菜穀物レシピ 春]

Takenoko best.JPG 

日本語の竹の子の簡単レシピが 最後の方に あります!

Japanese people like to eat wild vegetables in spring.

Most of them have bitterness in them.

But people perceive it as a taste of spring and enjoy variety kinds of wild vegetable cooking in different methods.

One of the most popular vegetables is Takenoko, bamboo shoot.

It grows  astonishingly fast.   It can grow more than 1m a day. 

It means nearly 5cm in an hour.

Therefore it is considered very yin in Macrobiotics.

We can't wait for long to dig it up when it penetrates the surface of the ground and shows its tip.

I went to the mountain to dig them up with my son when he was small.

I was advised to dig the short ones which have probably sprouted just on that day, as they are soft and taste nicer.

I don't dig bamboo shoots by myself anymore, but I boil them occasionaly every year in April to May.

Takenoko Binzume best.JPG 

Mr. & Mrs. Takahashi who grow the vegetables in a very natural way,  with no chemicals like pesticids and fertilizers, and even with no weeding and no organic fertilizer.   ( It is more natural method than organic farming.), sends me lots of bamboo shoots.

I must tell you preparation of wild vegetables is quite a big job, peeling, washing, soaking, boiling etc...

I often have to spend one whole day for these works when I received a box of spring vegetables from them.

But don't worry, there are alway ready made.

I'm sure you can always purchase the boild bamboo shoost in cans.

But, but I want you to use the fresh one for today's recipe.

Therefore this one is more suitable for people who can obtain freshly boild bamboo easily or who is willing to start from the scrach.  (You can refer to youtube for this job, many people put up their own methods.)

Here's the my favorite recipe " Bamboo shoot and Wakame salad"

Takenoko Wakame Salad best.jpg

For this recipe we use the very top parts of bemboo shoot which look like a very thin flat sheets covering the tip of the  shoot.  But if this part is not available, you can make this salad with the pointing tip parts of the bamboo shoot, which is softer than bottom parts.

Ingredients  (2 servings)

60g Flat sheets parts, or pointing tip parts of boiled bamboo shoot

10g Fresh Wakame sea vegetable  preserved in salt - wash off salt, and soak for 5 minutes in water.


  1. Blanch both bamboo shoot and wakame in boiling water.
  2. Take them out to cold water and then strain.
  3. Cut into bite sizes .

Eat with soy sauce like you eat Sashimi or with your favorite dressing.

I have contributed other bamboo shoot recipes "Bamboo Shoot Balls" and "Bamboo Shoot Pasta" to "Hachidory" site.   Go and check them if you are interested in vegan life.   Sorry the site is only in Japanese currently.

Takenoko Dango best.jpg


材料 (二人分)

竹の子の水煮の姫川の部分 (穂先の周りについているシーツのような柔らかい部分です。) 60g

塩蔵若芽 10g、水で塩を洗い落としてから、5分ほど水につけておく。


  1. 鍋に水を入れて沸騰させ、竹の子、ワカメを それぞれ、湯通しする。
  2. 適当な大きさに切って、さらに盛り付ける。
  3. おしょうゆにつけて食べてもおいしいですし、梅酢やお好みのドレッシングをかけて召し上がって下さい!


できれば、自分でゆでた新鮮な竹の子で作ると おいしいです。 竹の子茹でに挑戦しようと思う方は、Youtubeで、検索して画像で見ながら やってみるといいと思います。 手間ではありますが、簡単な作業です。

ビーガン、ベジタリアン情報を満載している ”Hachydory" というサイトに、「竹の子ボール」、「竹の子スパゲッティ」のレシピを 提供しています。 興味のある方は、こちらも 見て下さいね。 レシピだけではなくて、ビーガン、ベジタリアンのこと、いろいろと知ることが出来ますよ。

Takenoko Spagetthi best 15shikiso.jpg 

Happy Cooking !

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