Vegan Pudding with Strawberry Sauce ブラマンジェの苺ソースのせ ビーガン [お菓子デザートレシピ]

日本語のレシピが 最後の方に載っています。

Ichigo Niwa 2016May23 (5).JPG

One of a few strawberries grown in my garden

When is the season for the strawberries ?

If you live in Singapore, Malaysia or other countries where the strawberries can not grow, you are toatlly at a loss, I guess.

Because they are imported from all over the world and available all the year round at supermarkets.

When I ask the same question to people living in Japan,

many say "It is December and January",  some say "from December to March", may be some who don't care about the strawberries would be puzzled, not knowing when it is.

Answer  → Both are wrong.

The real season of the strawberries is now, the end of May in Japan.

Like Sakura/cherry blossoms,  Ichigo /strawberry's season is only one to two weeks.

The reason that most of the people think its season is December and January is that they see the strawberries more often during Chrstmast and New Year season.

Ichigo (4).JPG

The normal Japanese strawberries raised in green houses.

Japanese Christmas cake is always decorated with lots of strawberries.

But they are manipulated to grow in the green houses in order to be in time for this festive season, using unnecessary petroleum and unwanted chemicals.

When I was a small kid, I used to think how fortunate I was to be born in June.

On my birthday party, my mother always treated me and my friends with the strawberries and the cherries.

If my birthday was a week earlier,  I could have only strawberries, if it was a week later, I could have only cherries.

It was an exciting moment to eat both strawberries and cherries at the same time, especially for cherries as it was always my first cherry of the year.

What a nostalgia !

This is the story of old days now.

Yes, I must admit that there were alreay chemical substances and unnatural method of farming gnawing into our lives when I was small,

but I could eat the strawberries only in late May to early June,

the cherries in June, cucumbers and tomatoes only in summer.

Our life used to follow the rule of nature better than now, at least. 

Ichigo Niwa 2016May23 (2) 640x 480 resized.jpg

About 10 pieces of strawberries can be harvested from my garden every year

though I do not do anything to grow them.    

This one will  turn red and be popped into my mouth soon.

If I mention about my most favorite fruit of my childhood, banana,

it was such a luxury and my mother packed a piece of it only on special occasions such as school excursion and sports day.

(Bananas can't grow in Japan, so it used to be imported from Taiwan.  They are now imported from philipines, the countries of South America also, and sold with very low price all the year round abundantly in all the supermarkets now. )

All right,  Macrobiotic lecture ends up!

Let's move to the practical cooking session!

Today's recipe is "Vegan Pudding with Strawberry sauce".

It is a creamy, savory and mellow taste pudding.

Kuzu powder is playing an important role for this texture, but if it is not availabe where you live, replace it with other starch.

You can make it with the strawberries from the shop or with other local fruit such as papaya, mango and passion fruit.

But don't forget to wash the strawberries throughly, and soak in salt water for a few minutes if you use normal strawberries from the supermarket as they are usually grown with repeated usge of strong pesticide (in Japan).


Bamboo shoot salad 竹の子とワカメのサラダ [野菜穀物レシピ 春]

Takenoko best.JPG 

日本語の竹の子の簡単レシピが 最後の方に あります!

Japanese people like to eat wild vegetables in spring.

Most of them have bitterness in them.

But people perceive it as a taste of spring and enjoy variety kinds of wild vegetable cooking in different methods.

One of the most popular vegetables is Takenoko, bamboo shoot.

It grows  astonishingly fast.   It can grow more than 1m a day. 

It means nearly 5cm in an hour.

Therefore it is considered very yin in Macrobiotics.

We can't wait for long to dig it up when it penetrates the surface of the ground and shows its tip.

I went to the mountain to dig them up with my son when he was small.

I was advised to dig the short ones which have probably sprouted just on that day, as they are soft and taste nicer.

I don't dig bamboo shoots by myself anymore, but I boil them occasionaly every year in April to May.

Takenoko Binzume best.JPG 

Mr. & Mrs. Takahashi who grow the vegetables in a very natural way,  with no chemicals like pesticids and fertilizers, and even with no weeding and no organic fertilizer.   ( It is more natural method than organic farming.), sends me lots of bamboo shoots.

I must tell you preparation of wild vegetables is quite a big job, peeling, washing, soaking, boiling etc...

I often have to spend one whole day for these works when I received a box of spring vegetables from them.

But don't worry, there are alway ready made.

I'm sure you can always purchase the boild bamboo shoost in cans.

But, but I want you to use the fresh one for today's recipe.

Therefore this one is more suitable for people who can obtain freshly boild bamboo easily or who is willing to start from the scrach.  (You can refer to youtube for this job, many people put up their own methods.)

Here's the my favorite recipe " Bamboo shoot and Wakame salad"

Takenoko Wakame Salad best.jpg

For this recipe we use the very top parts of bemboo shoot which look like a very thin flat sheets covering the tip of the  shoot.  But if this part is not available, you can make this salad with the pointing tip parts of the bamboo shoot, which is softer than bottom parts.


Kids Class Vegan Sweets in English 英語でお菓子作り [料理教室の様子]

Shuna Risa Yuna 2016Dec (31).JPG

私の料理教室には、マクロビオティック料理のクラスの他に ”英語でお菓子作り” というクラスがあります。

卵、乳製品を含む動物性食品を使わずに作る ビーガン風のお菓子を 一品 お教えしています。

1時間半という時間で 作って 食べて 後片付けまでするので、作るお菓子は、子供でも簡単に作れるものを 考えます。  


参加している子供たちは、みんな お菓子作りが 大好きです。

Ai Satoko 2015Aug19 (1) 640x480.jpg



そして、どの作業も いっしょうけんめい します。

Shuna Risa Yuna 2016Dec (25).JPG


Shuna Risa Yuna 2016Dec (15).JPG

3才の女の子、2才の時から 始めたのですが、最近では 手元もしっかりしてきました。


その真剣な顔を見ていると、つくづく 子供って 純粋だなあと思い、愛おしくなってきます。

最後に、" Stone ! Paper ! Scissors, Go !!" と言って、ジャンケンポンで、調理器具を洗う係、ふく係、テーブルをきれいにする係を 勝った順に 選んでいくのですが、勝った子は、み~んな、洗いたがります。

子供って、水が 大好きなんですね。

大人は、どちらかっていうと、洗うのではなく、ふいたりする方が 好きなものですが、いつ頃から 変わってしまうんでしょうね、、、。

Shuna Risa Yuna 2016Dec (20).JPG

 手前二人のお子さんは姉妹で お父さんは 赤ちゃんをおんぶしての参加です。

私も 子供のころ、洗いたかったのに、末っ子だったものだから いつもふくのしかさせてもらえず、洗いたい!と いつも思っていたものです。 

Atokatazuke 2016JanKids.JPG

ピッカピカに洗ってくれるので、私が洗いなおす必要は ありません。

この調理器具、子供たちは、全部 難なく 英語で言えちゃいます。

”英語でお菓子作り” の様子、写真、続きます。


Japanese Spring Wild Flowers 春の野の花 [自然・美しいもの]

Hanohana (1).JPG

Nanohana 菜の花

The spring is such a lovely season.

The leaves on the trees are starting their new lives...

The wild plants are sprouting here and there...

The powerful energy is floating in the air...

Who can resist this glamorous season ?

The spring can make anybody happy.

I feel like telling every one to go out and walk in the nature during this season.

It is such a waste indeed, if one misses seeing, smelling and feeling the spring.

How many times can we experience this in our lives ?

I enjoy walking with my dog everyday.

But this season is so special.

Each day, I encounter the new wild flowers who are freshly  born and greet me.

Here are some of them that captured my heart recently. 


Japanese citron, Kinkan Jam /きんかんジャム [野菜穀物レシピ 冬]

Kinkan Tree Kazue (4).JPG

 (きんかんジャムの日本語のレシピが 最後の方に書いてあります。) 

Here's another Japanese citrus fruit which is now in its season.

(There are so many variety of citrus fruits in Japan these days, but Kinkan and Yuzu are genuine Japanese citrus fruits which have been exsisting since long time ago, and poweful enough to grow by themselves not needing special cares nor fertilizer.)

"KINKAN" is very tiny, even smaller than longans.

Kinkan Kazue 2015Dec30 (6).JPG

I like to eat it in the form of salad mixing with vegetables such as cabbage, onions and leafy green vegetables.

Kinkan Cabage Salad best.jpg

Salad with kinkan, cabbage and parcerly

Crescent Kinkan Salad best.JPG

Salad with kinkan, watercress and walnut

Another way I enjoy this fruit is to transform them into jam, and add into bread dough, scone dough, or use it as a topping or a nappage for cakes and pies.

Lemon peel scones best.JPG

Scones, kneaded with kinkan jam.

My scones are flaky and crispy and every one loves them !

Kinkan Jam Garvanzo FV whole cake best.JPG

A whole cake with tofu cream and kinkan jam

Kinkan Fave Garvanzo cake sliced best.JPG

Sliced shot.   I used Fave Garvanzo flour, so this is gluten-free!

and also chemical free, no baking powder nor baking soda used.

Kinkan Daize Tart best.jpg

Soy bean cream pie with kinkan nappage

I'm going to share my kinkan jam recipe with you today.

My fruit jam is always not too sweet so the real taste of that paraticular fruit remains.

If Kinkan is not available where you live, jut replace it with other citrus fruist or any kinds of berries.