Japanese citron, Kinkan Jam /きんかんジャム [野菜穀物レシピ 冬]

Kinkan Tree Kazue (4).JPG

 (きんかんジャムの日本語のレシピが 最後の方に書いてあります。) 

Here's another Japanese citrus fruit which is now in its season.

(There are so many variety of citrus fruits in Japan these days, but Kinkan and Yuzu are genuine Japanese citrus fruits which have been exsisting since long time ago, and poweful enough to grow by themselves not needing special cares nor fertilizer.)

"KINKAN" is very tiny, even smaller than longans.

Kinkan Kazue 2015Dec30 (6).JPG

I like to eat it in the form of salad mixing with vegetables such as cabbage, onions and leafy green vegetables.

Kinkan Cabage Salad best.jpg

Salad with kinkan, cabbage and parcerly

Crescent Kinkan Salad best.JPG

Salad with kinkan, watercress and walnut

Another way I enjoy this fruit is to transform them into jam, and add into bread dough, scone dough, or use it as a topping or a nappage for cakes and pies.

Lemon peel scones best.JPG

Scones, kneaded with kinkan jam.

My scones are flaky and crispy and every one loves them !

Kinkan Jam Garvanzo FV whole cake best.JPG

A whole cake with tofu cream and kinkan jam

Kinkan Fave Garvanzo cake sliced best.JPG

Sliced shot.   I used Fave Garvanzo flour, so this is gluten-free!

and also chemical free, no baking powder nor baking soda used.

Kinkan Daize Tart best.jpg

Soy bean cream pie with kinkan nappage

I'm going to share my kinkan jam recipe with you today.

My fruit jam is always not too sweet so the real taste of that paraticular fruit remains.

If Kinkan is not available where you live, jut replace it with other citrus fruist or any kinds of berries.

Kinakan Jam in jar (8)best.JPG

Kinkan Jam


300g ~400g  Kinkan (to obtain 200g of fruit after removing the seeds.)

80g Unrefined sugar   (40% of fruit)

1/8 tsp salt


  1. Place kinkan in a pot with enough water to submerge them.
  2. Heat up and let it boil for 5 minutes.
  3. Strain and soak kinkan in cold water.
  4. Separate the outer skin parts and the inner parts with your fingers.
  5. Remove all the seeds from the inner parts.
  6. Slice both parts into thin strips.
  7. Transfer them back into a pot with unrefined sugar, simmer for 20 ~ 30 minutes over low flame.  If liquid evaporates before kinkan is soft, add small amount of water and keep simmering.
  8. When soft, turn off the heat, add salt and mix.

Kinkan Jam Making (3) best.JPG

Proedure 4 & 5, from top left to clockwise, outer layer, inner layer, removed seeds, inner layer after seeds removed.  

It is quite a tedious job to separate and remove the seeds.

kinkan Jam in Pot best 640x.jpg

Procedure 7  Kinkan is soft , and jam is ready.


A little amount of salt enhances the taste, and also works to balance Yin and Yang. 

So don't forget to add it.



きんかん 300~400g (種をのぞいた後200gの分量)

てんさい糖 80g (きんかんの総量の40%)

塩 小さじ1/8


  1. きんかんは たっぷりの水が入った鍋に入れて、5分ほど沸騰させる。
  2. ざるに取り出し、粗熱が取れたら、指で 皮と中身に分ける。
  3. 中身から 種を取り出す。
  4. 皮も実も 千切りにして 鍋に戻す。
  5. てんさい糖を 加え、弱火で 柔らかくなるまで煮る。 (途中で水分が蒸発したら、少量の水を 足す。)


塩は 甘みを引き立てて、陰陽のバランスを取る役割をしてくれるので、忘れないで入れて下さいね。


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