Radish in Yuzu and Soy Sauce 大根の柚子しょうゆ漬け [野菜穀物レシピ 冬]

”大根の柚子しょうゆ漬け” の日本語のレシピが、最後の方に書いてありますので、見て下さいね。

Yuzu Sogokoen best.JPG

Yuzu is one of the Japanese citrons harvested in winter.

Its aroma is very unique, fragrant and strong. 

When I used to live in Singapore, it was a very precious fruit flown from Japan.

It was sold only one piece in a packet with high price tag.

But I can use countless of those for my cooking now as my town grows lots of Yuzu trees, and it is very common to have a Yuzu tree in our own gardens. 

People do not know why, but the trees can bear lots of Yuzu every other year.

We did not have so many fruit last year, but are having plenty of those this year.

It is very pleasant to see many yellow fruit among green leaves with the background of cloudless blue sky here and there. 

Amanatsu Moroyama kinjo (2).jpg

  In Kanto area, the sky in winter is so blue and beautiful, and it looks as if it is positioning much higher up above us than in other seasons.

Though my Yuzu tree still can't bear fruit yet,  I received lots of them from my neighbours and the participants to my cooking classes.

Yuzu (2).JPG

Yuzu halved best.JPG

Yuzu named "Tadanishiki" which has no seeds.  Usually Yuzu has many  seeds in it.

See what I cooked with them recently.

Yuzu Komeko Daizujiru Cake best.JPG

Yuzu rice flour cake.  I made with the method that I invented, with no chemical raising agent such as baking powder, bi-carbonate soda nor dry yeast.  No eggs used, of course.

Yuzu Jam (8).JPG

 Yuzu Jam.   The color changed to dark orange as I do not use refined sugar in my cooking.

Yuzu Mayonaise (8).JPG

Tohu Mayonnaise with Yuzu.    Creamy fragrant mayonnaise is so yummy when it is spread on bread for sandwiches.

I also add Yuzu peels in soup, tea to enjoy its aroma.

Ozoni best.jpg

It is also very refreshing if we squeeze its juice over oily food such as Tempura and fried veggies.

Goboh Ninjin Kakiage (7).JPG

Today I am sharing one of my recipes which is sooo easty to make, and requires only one Yuzu so that you can make it without hesitation even if it is sold one piece only in a packet where you live.

Radish in Yuzu and Soy Sauce


300g Radish -  chop into chunks

1 Yuzu - peel outer yellow skin,  try not to peel white part as it tastes bitter,  cut into thin strips. squeeze and obtain 1 Tbsp of juice. If it shorts, get another Yuzu or substitute with other  fruit juice.

1 Tbsp and 2 tsp Soy sauce


Combine all the ingredients in a container, set it aside for half a day.

Initially it looks like this.

Yuzu Shoyu Daikon makingbest.JPG

But later on, the water from radish runs out and becomes liks this.

Yuzu Shoyu Daikon done (1).JPG

Ready to eat now !

Yuzu Shoyu Daikon done best.JPG


Try to look for a juicy fresh radish.   The soy sauce and Yuzu juice can't be absorbed into radish if it is too dry.   If you found that the radish is quite dry after buying it,  slice it into thinner pieces.



大根  300g  - 乱切りにしておく。

柚子 1個 - 皮の黄色い部分だけむいて、薄い千切りにしておく。 (白い部分は苦いので、できるだけむかないように注意する。)  汁をしぼる。 大さじ1に足りない時は、もう一個 絞る。

しょうゆ 大さじ2と小さじ2


材料を 全部 混ぜ合わせて、半日 置く。


水分の多い大根で作った方が おいしいです。 少ない大根の場合は、薄くスライスして 漬けてみて下さい。


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